Stylist Reveals Hair Products Used On Nicole Kidman In ‘Grace of Monaco’


Girl, don’t get me started on how awful a choice I find the albeit very talented Nicole Kidman to be for the role of my beauty icon (and life icon, really) Grace Kelly. But her HAIR is right and for that, I’d like to hat-tip  the movie’s key hairstylist Agathe Dupuis. Here, she reveals her techniques on recreating the glamorous 1960’s hairstyles with Leonor Greyl products on the set of the film.  ‘Grace of Monaco’ will be opening the 67th Annual Cannes Film Festival this afternoon.

Says Agathe, “Thank you [Leonor Greyl] for helping me create all these hairstyles from the 60’s.  I used a lot of Leonor Greyl’s Gel a l’Hibiscus on the men’s hair for the party scenes such as “The Ball of the Red Cross” to keep their hair in place. I also really love the Leonor Greyl Tonique Hydratant and Spray Algues et Fleurs which do not need to be rinsed out, are very practical while filming, and give the actors’ hair good texture. But my little darling is the Éclat Naturel which I use for everything from scalp massages to the treatment of the ends of the hair.  I can leave it all day long on the hair of the actors, it is perfect!”

What do you think of Nicole Kidman’s casting as Grace Kelly? Meh, feh or hells to the yeah?

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