Weatherproof Non-hideous Boots: Sperry Top-sider Sayville



Let’s just pause and acknowledge the fact that, if we’re conducting ourselves within the confines of reality and don’t have access to a permanent car and driver, we’re going to royally fuck up any pair of shoes we try to don in this weather in New York City. But snow boots are ugly and actually go with 0% of your wardrobe. They kill your glamour like fashion and beauty bloggers with a domain have assassinated Fashion Week.  You want to look as if you aren’t wearing shoes that are waterproof, but lo, you also want to live a south-of-the-ankles lifestyle that isn’t punctuated with salt and gunk. What to do? Invest in these seriously cute WATERPROOF boots boast gold hardware and sealed construction to ensure your tootsies remain dry, no matter how Gulf-of-Mexico the puddle into which you fall.

Sperry Top-sider Sayville boots retail for $149 at (I scored them last week for $200 before they went on sale, cool for me).

What’s your weather-proof footwear strategy this season?


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