Sleeping Beauty: The Best Overnight Products (Whether That’s Their Intended Use Or Not)

Sleeping-BeautyI fall asleep with these on. I’m not supposed to (then again nowhere on the instructions does it say not to) but I do anyway, and I’m still alive.

bioreBiore Strips: Whenever I tell someone in the beauty industry that I use these/ sleep with them, I get lots of gasps and head shaking, but I love them. They take awhile to dry so I end up dozing off and wake up to the satisfying act of inspecting the strips.  So worth any potential pore damage.


s1269455-main-heroBoscia Black Face Mask: I fall asleep with this because it’s my go-to nighttime mask. I usually end up peeling it off mid REM cycle and wake up purified.


Fekkai PrX Mask: Obviously I suggest popping a shower cap on before you hit the sheets, but either way you are going to wake up with feather soft locks.

Julia Casella


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