It's A Mystery: Who Is The New Face Of Pantene?

This post is sponsored by Pantene, but all opinions herein are my own.

pantene guess

Whose hair is this? It’s the new Pantene spokesperson’s!

Every hair product collector is in hot pursuit of that iconic, gleaming hair we grew up watching on Pantene commercials. In fact, with the advent of DVR, I sometimes get sad for the teens of today who perhaps may not even KNOW from the aspirational locks they could be dreaming about and working toward? Fun fact: My junior prom updo was inspired by a Pantene ad I saw in Seventeen.

We all reference with raging regularity “Pantene Hair.” But what makes a brand so iconic that the label becomes an adjective? Beautiful, well done advertorials with stunning hairstyles and even more stunning spokespeople rocking major locks. 2014’s new face of the brand is going to wow you, friends. I’ll reveal who the new face is on Friday, December 27. In the meantime, get sleuthy about it, my little digital Nancy Drews! Tweet your guesses to me (@Glambr) and @Pantene on Twitter using hashtag #GuessWho!

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