Q&A With Kourtney Kardashian

Last week I got to meet the lovely Kourtney Kardashian and our chat inspired an lingerie purchase… 

What are your beauty essentials? 
To wake up, I always need to curl my lashes. I also love Elizabeth Arden’s 8-hour cream and I could not live without the bronzer from our collection, Endless Summer Matte Bronzer
What is your ideal date-night look? 
For date night make-up I like a bright lip because it easily makes me feel put together, but Scott hates a bright lip so sometimes I won’t wear it. 
And then I had to ask what beauty tips Kris shared with her and her sisters: 
My mother taught us something that I actually saw Khloe doing the other day and I realized I need to bring that back into my life. When she was working as a flight attendant she got into this habit of getting lots of hot water and a wash cloth and scrubbing her face every night to get rid of the makeup. 
Also she always told us to never leave the house without a perfect bra and underwear because you never know who will see them! 

I live for the Kardashian klan so later that day when I saw this set  from Hanky Panky, I had to buy it.
What would you ask Kourtney Kardashian?

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