Beauty Hack: Steal This Gel Liner Brush Cleaning Tip

This makes me sound so lazy that I hesitate to tell you that I have refrained from using gel liners the past couple years (though I KNOW they’re the best) because I simply cannot deal with cleaning my liner brush after every. single. use.
It just gets so GOOPY, and not in the positive Gwyneth sense (side note: Are we buying her boot collaboration with Loeffler Randall or what?). And then, unless you tend to it in the most timely manner, you’re left with a hardened mess that never quite goes away with shampoo or brush cleanser. 

Now I’m back on the gel liner train, thanks to Bobbi Brown makeup artist Eduardo Martinez. He shared this genius tip when I was at the Bobbi Brown offices last week: Clean your makeup brushes with a little moisturizer first to help remove the gel liner before washing them. It works, friends. A little lotion love is all it takes to get those vile clumps out of my brush and out of my lifestyle. I’m loving Bobbi Brown’s new Steel Ink shade, a muted navy. 

What are your secrets to gel liner?

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