Motivate Monday… Because You’re Gonna Look Amazing

Motivate Monday…because you’re gonna look amazing. 
My friend who studies nutrition always says power bars are “just glorified candy bars”. She also says sugar is the devil and this video proves she is right on both counts. 
I have a huge sweet tooth so I loved this list of healthy store-bought snacks (don’t worry they also have salty ones too!) except they recommend cliff bars which I am pretty sure goes against the advice linked above. So maybe you shouldn’t eat those? I don’t know, I’m not a dietician, I just write these posts because reading about diets is a hobby
I think the idea of “peanut butter alternatives” is oxymoronic but I understand that allergies exist. Hey, in high school I dated someone who was allergic to nuts and spent the whole relationship eating peanut-less pad thai. 

Wait, but I love Splenda….

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