Eyelash Extensions Half Price at JJ Permanent Makeup

Girls, you’ve heard me rave about my eyelash extensions I got at JJ Permanent Makeup. I’ve gone back to the Koreatown salon again and again for their swift application and competitive affordability.

Now, they’re even MORE affordable with this coupon from Dealist.com. Until Sunday, May 9, get up to two sessions for only $45 each (that’s 50% off). I snagged two of course, and I urge you to, too.

JJ Permanent Makeup
316 5th Avenue 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10001

Let me know if you try it out!

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3 Comments Eyelash Extensions Half Price at JJ Permanent Makeup

  1. Amber Katz

    Hey Shannon!

    I told them I wanted the 12 length, but that’s only because I knew that’s what a friend of mine got. I’m pretty sure they can show you pictures or something to show you. Or, they’ll show you the actual lashes.

    Re: Mascara, that’s a question for them. I’m 99% sure you wouldn’t have to wear mascara since they attach them to your every lash, but it’s possible it may not blend completely. Definitely ask.

    Good luck! Let me know how it goes.


  2. shannon

    hey amber – so I’m going to bite the bullet and get these lash extensions! I have naturally blond hair so without mascara you can barely see my eyelashes, so I’m excited to get to skip my 3 coats of mascara in the mornings. I’ve got 2 questions for you. First, do you tell the lash lady how much length and volume you want? I definitely don’t want to end up looking unnatural but at the same time I do want them to look good. Second, since my eyelashes are blond do you think I’d have to put a little mascara on to blend my lashes in with the extensions? Just wondering if you had advice on that 🙂 Thanks!


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