Israel and Velcro Rollers

Last week was INSANELY busy for the fabulista, I apologize about the lack of posts. HUGE problem in my lifestyle right now: my stylist, Amy, is not taking appointments this week because she’s working fashion week so I can’t get my beyond dead ends cut before leaving for the Middle East. There is not enough oil (hot or otherwise) even in the MIDDLE EAST to hydrate the nappy state of my ends, so this is not good news at all. And you KNOW I can’t just go to someone new, because I’ll surely end up with a bob (which has been the result of every single new person whom I’ve tried). So curly hair with raggedy ends will be the style I’m rocking in the Holy Land. I can’t wait to capture photos of myself with my new camera that I am making myself purchase for the trip. Storytime: I’ve never owned a camera.

Lest you think there hasn’t been any beauty news in the last week, I discovered a new way to dry my hair. Because my ends are split and atrocious, I’ve had to impose a heat embargo on my strands. After washing and conditioning, I spray with ample amounts of Bumble and bumble Thickening Spray and coat my ends liberally with John Frieda Frizz Ease. Then, I use about 10 velcro rollers (as enormous as possible) and roll up all of my hair and let it dry for 2 hours or so. I look like some kind of alien, but the result is worth it. You’d be surprised at how well it straightens wavy-curly hair and the volume is also quite stupendous. You can pick up a pack of Conair velcro rollers at the drugstore for about $4. Check it out. You may need to touch up a bit with a round brush and hair dryer, but you shouldn’t need to spend more than 5 minutes. Is that glorious or what?

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