Blurred Lines, Acne Marks + Everything Else With Nanoblur

I’ve been reading about Nanoblur on some of my favorite British beauty blogs for a while now and when it finally came stateside, I was ELATED. Would it live up to the hype? Would it mattify yet fill in  wrinkles, fine lines and even Grand Canyon levels of facial topography? I haven’t yet gotten blasted with Botox, (I’m far from plastic) but I hate this humid-summer shine and lines. So I pulled a Robin Thicke featuring Pharrell and T.I. and blurred them. Here, a review of Nanoblur.

I can’t imagine skipping the stuff EVER again, at least not in the steamy months of July and August. I was hesitant as it’s a silicone-based formula, but it doesn’t break me out and primes perfectly, despite the warnings all over it not to use it as a primer. The directions say to use it on top of liquid foundation or under powder, but because I can’t be constrained, I rock it under my regularly scheduled BB or CC cream and skip blotting papers (let me liberate you; you don’t need no papers) and powder, because they’re all rendered useless by your new HD-ready skin. It magically yields a soft-focus look making dark marks I’ve had since the Bush administration seem markedly less so while evening out texture and tone and sucking up shine from my T-zone like Mr. Thirsty at the dentist’s office. All the while, it doesn’t dry out my skin and it lasts all day. A little goes a long way and you’ll love the futuristic, sleek packaging. Nanoblur looks like a product for which the late Steve Jobs was consulted on marketing. I’m already hoarding a backup container of this stuff. 

If you can’t hear what I’m trying to say; if you can’t read from the same page, try it out! Let me know what you think or if you’ve already tested it. Do you prime? Tell me everything. Go.

Nanoblur retails for $20 at Walgreens. I know you want it

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  1. Vivian Rowe

    This product is interesting. I would love to try this. I’m looking for effective creams to reduce acne marks. I hope this works for me. Thanks for sharing! 🙂


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