Cheekily Not In "Solutions Mode": Cowshed Bath And Body Products

Taking a page from my favorite Beatles song,”I’m Am The Walrus,” Cowshed implores you to proclaim I am the cow. Which cow is the question of the hour. 

Story time: I like that song so much, my senior year yearbook quote was “Don’t you think the joker laughs at you.” This British line of sublimely scented bath, body and candles is hilariously, as Dina would say, not in solutions mode. Instead, Cowshed (a brand born in a cow shed… literally) boasts a bevy of natural products with affliction-based monikers infused with various fragrances from an English garden.  So you can channel a cow instead of a walrus when you’re sitting in an English garden waiting for the sun. If the sun don’t come, you’ll get your tan from standing in the English rain. 

My favorite is Grumpy Cow, designed to uplift your mood when you’re feeling crankypants with a zesty blend of grapefruit and mandarin. Other divine bovines to channel? Knackered Cow (relaxing), Moody Cow (balancing), Horny Cow (for romantical situations), Wild Cow (invigorating) and Lazy Cow (sleep inducing). 

The Cowshed Grumpy Cow Uplifting Room Candle retails for $46 at

1967 The Beatles – I Am The Walrus from Juan Manuel Israel González on Vimeo.

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  1. Kat Bradshore

    This is a nice product review! I think I would love to try the Knackered cow and lazy cow. I like the blend of grapefruit and mandarin. Anyway, thanks for the links! 😀


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