Sonia Kashuk Sheer Bliss Lip & Cheek Tint

There was a time when I wouldn’t go ANYWHERE without my Benetint. And any casual observer could tell: It was ALL over my makeup. No matter how tightly screwed-on the cap, my entire makeup staples were cast with translucent rose liquid. Because I used to keep my passport in my makeup drawer (I mean, I like to keep my important posessions TOGETHER), even my PASSPORT is stained with Benetint at the bottom. It’s SUPER embarassing to explain when I travel. During my 10 minute interrogation with my El Al representative, I had to explain the state of my passport. P.S. you can’t swipe it through a machine either, my passport number always has to be typed in manually. Mortification NATION. All because Benetint comes in a nail polish-esque packaging concept.

Conveniently, Sonia Kashuk has created a smaller, more portable, more passport-friendly version in her Lip & Cheek Tint. For $7.99, you get an adorable tube (you know I love a tube, not a pot!) packaging with a roller-ball application tip. So it NEVER SPILLS. Amazing use of packaging technology, I whole-heartedly approve. Love, love, love Sonia’s prods. Apply to lips and cheeks for a long lasting stain. Super irritating, however, that I couldn’t find a PHOTO of it.

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