The Magical Manicure

 By Julia Casella 

Essie’s new neon collection: magical manicure fodder? 
If you read Glamour then I’m sure you are familiar with the “ Engagement Chicken”

It all began 26 years ago, when then-Glamour fashion editor Kim Bonnell gave the recipe to her assistant, Kathy Suder, who made the chicken for her boyfriend, who, a month later, asked her to marry him. “It’s a meal your wife would make. It got me thinking,” says Jon Suder, who now has three children with Kathy. Details of the simple dish passed from assistant to assistant like a culinary chain letter. When Bonnell heard that her recipe had inspired three weddings, she dubbed it Engagement Chicken.

The recipe can be found here and make sure to read all the “ it happened to me”
comments below.  While I haven’t made the chicken, I’m also not looking to get
engaged within the next few months. However recently I was waiting for a certain
someone to text me and the best way to stop compulsively checking your phone is to
get a manicure, no? I always read polish names and when I picked up a fire engine
red that so appropriately included the bad-texter’s place of birth, I knew I had to
get it. The next day he texted and thus the Magical Manicure was born.

So how do you pick a Magic Mani color? Basically it should reference the person in a
fairly specific way—this doesn’t mean picking a color called “ cute” because you
think they are cute. It means if you like a banker get Essie’s Tour de Finance or if
you have a crush on a German cutie get Deutsch you want me baby? An artist=
Poppy art pink and a bartender = Mojito Madness.

And if you want a fool-proof approach wear essie’s Show me the ring and bake the


Have you tried the Magical Manicure yet? 

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