It Cosmetics Anti Aging Full Coverage Physical SPF50 CC Cream Review

Rocking It Cosmetics Anti Aging Full Coverage
 Physical SPF50 CC Cream in this very pic. 

Yes, we’re inundated by alphabet creams. 

It’s become, in short, not as easy as 123 to determine which ones are right for our skin tones, SPF and coverage needs. I’m going to let you in on a little secret: BB creams and CC creams are pretty much the same. 

I’ve tried BBs with teensy amounts of coverage and tons; I’ve tried CCs with similar effects. My new go-to for flawless-yet-easy-as-123 skin on a DAILY is It Cosmetics Anti Aging Full Coverage Physical SPF50 CC Cream ($35). This creamy, easily blendable do-it-all tinted cream is the perfect color for my verging-on-yellow skin but yields just enough coverage. It says it’s full coverage, but on the spectrum of foundation opacity capacity ranging from Brooke Shields circa “The Blue Lagoon” to, say, Ms. Dinsmore in “Great Expectations,” I’d say it’s exactly in the middle. With my other BB/CC creams, I’d still sponge on a bit of foundation mid-day to conceal what the “real” finish left behind. But this stuff? It soft-focus blurs all imperfections but doesn’t feel heavy, chalky or like I’m wearing a ton of makeup. It turns out, I went to Q (VC) to learn, girl. What I never, never knew before. And that is that It Cosmetics’ CC is it

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