Five Rules For Life: Melissa Walker Of I Heart Daily

Author and I Heart Daily cofounder Melissa Walker‘s advice is so sage, I once PAID for it in the form of a Mediabistro class on how to write for women’s magazines in 2004, when she was an editor at the now-defunct ELLE Girl. P.S. Remember how phenomenal that mag was? She now has several YA books under her belt, a personal blog and teen-focused beauty, fashion, culture and advice newsletter I Heart Daily, of which I’m a subscriber. #teenforeverontheinside Because Melissa is so wise, I asked her to share her Five Rules for Life. In her words, here they are. 

1. Don’t get jealous, get inspired.
This goes hand in hand with “a rising tide lifts all boats,” another favorite of mine. It’s very easy to let your eyes go green when a friend gets a coveted promotion, falls in love with the perfect partner or lands a seven-figure book deal. But that “Why wasn’t it me?” feeling can eat you up inside, and also it makes your face look harsh. Instead, get excited. These amazing things are happening to the people around you, people you love, and you can bask in their happiness and work on having it happen for you too. There, your face looks prettier already.

2. Eat more popcorn.
It’s salty, crunchy and fibrous, and you can snack by the handful without (too much) guilt.

3. Ritual vs. routine.
When what you’re doing day to day is a routine, it can get old fast. But try shifting your definition of some daily activities to “ritual.” Now we’re talking! Okay, so the “take the trash out ritual” doesn’t quite work, but in terms of things like getting ready for bed? It can be downright transformative to think of your activities–brushing teeth, washing face, moisturizing–as a ritual. Take it slow, make it luxurious, treat yourself right.

4. Love is the answer.
My dad used to have a button on his bureau that said, “Love is the answer. Now, what was the question?” Despite its earnestness conflicting with my teenage eye-roll demeanor, it made a big impression on me. Whenever I have a problem I really can’t figure out, I go back to “Love is the answer.” That takes a lot of different forms, but they’re all pretty great.

5. Get rid of stuff.

I really believe that all the objects in your life weigh you down. As I look at my cluttered desk right now, I’m thinking “Ack! Need to clean up!” Let go of things, let your world have space in it. Make room for the new stuff to come.

Thanks, Melissa! Stay tuned for more Five Rules. 

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