Fitness Blogging Junkie: Flywheel With Jesse Alexander

My fitness routine has quietly experienced a coup. It is not only mostly all Flywheel all the time, it’s all Jesse Alexander classes, all the time.  I are officially president of the Jesse Appreciation Society and take his class every Saturday and I like to joke that I’m sure he’s phenomenal in bed (not to worry, I’m not planning to test out this theory as Jesse is happily married with a baby) because he’s so concerned with everyone doing everything at the same TIME. In fact, taking his class is like being an extra in Michael Jackson’s iconic “Thriller” video–the entire class moves in unison from rhythm jogs to “two up, two back” to the arms portion of the session. 

Jesse’s hip-hop heavy playlist is always inspiring and includes random retro wildcards like Filter’s “Take My Picture,” a throwback I haven’t heard since I dated rowers and rocked drugstore conditioner my sophomore year at BU in 1999. You’ll love his class whether it’s the occult of Thriller’s zombie unison that motivates you, or simply the cult of Flywheel. And for Team SoulCycle types who haven’t tried a ride because they’re not the competitive type, I’ll save you from the terror on the screen–simply opt out of the board feature when you check in. Try it out! In the paraphrased words of our dearly departed Michael, a larger jeans size will possess you unless you change that number on your dial, also known as a torq.

Try Jesse’s Tuesday evening class at Flywheel’s new Upper West Side studio at 5:30pm. Sign up here

Talk to me: What’s your workout of choice for 2013?

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