SAG Awards Hairstyle: Sofia Vergara

For Sofia Vergara‘s SAG Awards red carpet moment, CLEAR SCALP & HAIR THERAPY celebrity stylist Jen Atkin created sexy, messy waves inspired by the natural texture of Sofia’s hair. “Sofia has amazing texture and volume, and I wanted to show it off. We kept the style messy so it didn’t look too serious,” said Atkin. Here, the beauty breakdown in Atkin’s words. 

1. To get full, bouncy waves, it’s important to start with freshly washed hair. I recommend washing and conditioning hair with CLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY THERAPY Volumizing Root Boost Shampoo and Conditioner for this particular style to nourish the scalp for strong, beautiful hair that has body and volume.
2. On damp hair, use a volumizing mousse and wave-enhancing spray at the roots.
3. Next, blow dry hair while using your fingers to scrunch the roots and twist one-inch sections of hair to enhance volume and texture.
4. Once dry, wrap sections of hair around the barrel of a 1″ curling iron in the same direction away from the face for voluminous curls.
5. When curls are set, spritz with hair spray and run fingers through to soften the look. To add shine, use a serum or oil just on the ends.  
6. To finish the look, tease the roots and use a dry shampoo to keep the volume locked in all night long.

7. If you have bangs like Sofia, use a 1″ flat iron to curl bangs back and blend them into the waves.

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