L’Oreal Paris Introduces An At-home Ombré Kit

I was a linguistics major for a semester in college because of my fondness for diagramming sentences. When I learned that I’d have to speak two foreign languages fluently and have an understanding of the components that make up a language on a near-math level, I switched to straight up French lit but not before I became heavily involved in the teachings of Noam Chomsky. I don’t love his politics, but he is the father of linguistics and I’ll never forget learning about generative linguistics, which Chomsky championed, which theoretically includes a generative grammar that allows the speaker to construct never-before-uttered sentences. Other speakers of the language who hear the sentences use the same grammar to decode them and are thus able to understand sentences they’ve never heard before. We watched a video featuring all kinds of nonsensical brand new sentences, like, “Check out my brand new cheetah I’m using to watch my children in my living room.” 

Well, let me let you in on a brand-new, personally never-before-uttered sentence from MY mouth. “I can’t wait to color my hair with this BOX DYE” is my very own generative linguistic masterpiece. I said it this week at a launch for the new L’Oréal Paris Féria Wild Ombré, $13, at drugstores. The secret? The brand’s new patented brush. Remember when at-home highlighting kits were either haphazard (leading to some at-home highlights that looked more like giraffe spots, a look I gave myself in high school) or came complete with that cap? So 1957. 

L’Oreal Global Consulting Hair Colorist Christophe Robin says that “Ombré looks good when it’s further away from your face, so start a little more than mid-way down the hair shaft in line with your mouth. However, if you have shorter hair, start more in line with your cheekbones.” 
He also suggests holding the brush vertically and using the brush to paint on highlights around the face for a brightening effect. “Just make sure you clip up the hair with a bobby pin so it stays out of the way and doesn’t drag in your face while you’re waiting for it to develop,” he explained. For bright blonde tips, Robin says to leave it on for a full 45 minutes. 

I’m definitely going to test this one out to revive my ombre after a couple months post-color session and will report back.

L’Oreal Feria Wild Ombré comes in three shades and will hit shelves in February. And tell me: Is this something you’d try out?

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