Tell Your Colorist, "I’d Dye Without You."

While I don’t advise at-home color for blondes (unless they are VERY skilled or platinum), I believe those who simply want to color their hair a hue close to their own deep shade would do best to head to the drugstore and pick up two boxes of L’Oréal Paris Superior Preference. Tip: Buying two ensures you fully saturate the color if your hair is longer than, say, shoulder length. To paraphrase/quote using a homonym the scholarly tomes of the famous philosophers P.M. Dawn, tell your colorist “I’d dye without you.” And you SHOULD because this coloring system boasts an Optimized Fade Defying System, a combination of advanced color formulations, applicator tip and generous dose of color saving conditioner (always the most divine conditioner on earth). My tester reported that her hair looked even and ridiculously reflective, without looking obviously dyed.

At $10 a box, can you pass it up? It’s available at and chain drug, food and mass market retailers nationwide. Don’t let it walk out of your life and not do a damn thing.

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