Five Rules For Life: Marina Klimasiewfski Of Makeup Loves Me

Marina Klimasiewfski is one of my first friends I made through blogging and she’ll be one for life. We bonded at a Bendel’s beauty breakfast in early 2008 over the fact that we were both secretly afraid of perfume writing. In the years that followed, we both got over our fragrance philosophizing fears and Marina’s become one of my favorite Tacombi trip buddies and confidantes. This nurse practitioner can’t be bothered to know what’s going on in any type of forum setting, but she KNOWS from beauty and covers it all quite hilariously at Makeup Loves Me. Here, Marina’s Five Rules, in her words. 

1.  Never have time for someone who doesn’t have time for you. 
If you’ve watched me date or seen me at an event you this is my number one rule.  It goes beyond just not obsessing over a dude who’s “not that into you”.  It’s a full lifestyle of plain having no interest in spending time with someone who doesn’t value the time they’re spending with me.  If we’ve met more than once and you can’t seem to place who I am, you’re dead to me.  If you aren’t blowing up my phone for a second date, we probably won’t be going on one.

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2. GTL, or your equivalent grooming routine to keep it fresh to death. 

For me that means always having freshly threaded brows, conversation-worthy nails and keeping up on my daily skincare routine. This way I always look put together in my everyday life and if I’m expected to be at a function last minute it’s not a mad dash to look extra — all the basic work is already done and I just have to add the magic touches (like a ruby red lip).

3. Invest in wardrobe statements, not staples. 
None of my high-end designer pieces are just high quality white button downs or black pumps — they are all well made versions of embellished or unique pieces.  Glitter and rhinestones can get messy as sh*t if not done truly properly, so I invest accordingly.

4.  Be a good gift giver. 
This means thinking a lot about the person you plan to give a gift to, wrapping the gift in a beautiful and creative manner, and being very careful about regifting.  I only regift if I would have purchased that exact item for the person but just happen to have a brand new version of it that I’m not using. And even then I sometimes just buy a new one.

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5. I would hate to disappoint myself. 
This is my guiding principle.  Yes, I’m hardworking and want my boss to be happy with me, but more than anything else I want to be happy with me.  If I said yes to attending something but now feel too tired and drained, its time to change my RSVP status. If I was gonna work out but feel a massage is more appropriate, I’m getting that massage. Keeping myself happy is what runs my life, and I think makes me better at making other people happy, too.

Thanks, Rin! Stay tuned for more Five Rules. 

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