Five Rules For Life: Nicole Darmanin Of Mario Badescu

Mario Badescu Skin Care is a New York institution in and of itself, and at the helm of the brand’s PR is New Yorker Nicole Darmanin, one of the sweetest people in the beauty biz. When I stopped by the Mario Badescu Spa a couple weeks ago for a much-needed facial (have you gone? Their facials are epic and totally affordable starting at $65–Betty is the TRUTH), I hit her up to share her Five Rules. Here they are, in Nicole’s words. 

1. Self-respect is paramount.  
Fight for it, learn about it, do whatever it is you have to do to maintain or achieve it. It’s more important than money, notoriety and it’s  for damn sure more important than anyone whose behavior or actions are causing you to compromise it.
2. Make choices that give you options.  
Think one step ahead to the doors that your decisions today may open tomorrow. If what you are about to do will strip you of options, it is probably not the way to go.  There is nothing worse than being painted into a corner.
3. When unsure of how to react, apply lipstick (or take a breath, a sip of your drink etc.).  
The point is, take a moment to think before you speak. Once something is spoken, it’s out there.  You can’t control what someone said or did to cause you to react, but you can control how you respond.
4. Forget the Joneses.  
I know someone who always does all the “right” things.  Six figure salary, house, cars, successful wife and boats (he doesn’t even like boats!!!).  He is miserable, always. Don’t be that guy (or gal)! You are smart, you are creative! Design your own life and forget about measuring up to anyone else. Never home, love to travel? Move into a studio, in a less trendy neighborhood and start planning your next trip.  Everyone is listening to house music again and you’re not with it? Go to a dancehall party.  You want kids? You don’t want kids? Have them or don’t. Make your life work for you and be happy. No one else has to live your life but you.   

5. Hogs get fat, pigs get slaughtered.  
My friend recently told me that her attorney father used to say this and I love it.  Make things happen, be insanely successful beyond your wildest dreams, but if you are greedy or step on people along the way it will come back to you.  

Thanks, Nicole! Stay tuned for more Five Rules.

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2 Comments Five Rules For Life: Nicole Darmanin Of Mario Badescu

  1. mamavalveeta03

    I love it there! I’ve been using their skincare ever since Martha Stewart promoted it in her mag years ago. It works and it’s NOT expensive. My husband arranged a surprise facial for our 20th anniversary. What a trip! NYC and all it had to offer. Great memories.

  2. Ravinder Osahn

    Aww I really liked this, I love reading advice on how to ‘live’ – as silly as it sounds haha! I love reading advice 🙂

    And I love that quote “Hogs get fat, pigs get slaughtered”. Pretty deep stuff



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