Best Of BBJ 2009: May

May was a busy month at BBJ HQ. I had been invited to report from the red carpet of the MTV Movie Awards in LA (but the actual event was in June 1, so I’ll be sure to cover that in the Best Of BBJ June edish). The highlights:

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2 Comments Best Of BBJ 2009: May

  1. Amber

    Hi Anon!

    You’re a DOLL. Your comment made my day, week and maybe even month. Thank you.

    So that was indeed pro-styled in the pic, but my stylist used a round boar bristle brush and a good blow-dryer. At home, I use a volumizing mousse on my roots, Moroccanoil on my ends and then use a large Marilyn Tuxedo round brush and my T3 Evolution dryer. Lastly, I twirl my hair up into a coiled bun on top of my head and secure the ends with a small clip (a hairband will create a dent) to maintain the wave. Hope that helps!


  2. Anonymous

    Can you share how you get that lovely wavy hair like in this photo? I know taht was pro styled, but I’ve seen you rock it in your other photos. What do you do with your brush/dryer, etc? Do you angle it back? Use rollers?
    You’re gorge.s


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