New Fall-Winter 2012 Chantelle Collection

Chantelle Icone Sheer Demi Bra & Boyshort in Python Gra

Remember in Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion (that epic opus is surely the most-quoted work on BBJ) when Romy so eloquently says to Lisa Luder, “Isn’t it weird when your friends aren’t your friends anymore? I mean, Michele and I just fell out of touch about two hours ago.” That, my beauties, is how I feel about the fact that I’ve been buying the wrong bra size for… who knows how long. To paraphrase Romy, isn’t weird when your bra size isn’t your bra size? I experienced exactly that at a Chantelle press event recently.

When Chantelle invited me for a bra fitting, I thought, that might be fun. I thought, oh, cool: Like any other night out, I’ll have a drink, then I get felt up. Just kidding. So I’m in the room with the lingerie associate (totally professional and lovely, by the way).  A little background on my bra situation: I’ve been a 34C for the last decade. In high school, I rocked a small B. I was a 34B throughout college. The DAY I turned 22, I was suddenly, bafflingly, a 34C. This was totally weird for me, as I’d never had such a robust chest before. It’s still strange, in all honesty. I used to wear those chicken cutlets to high school dances at the suggestion of my own MOTHER. Mmkay? My mom, by the by, is a 34C. My two grandmothers are both at least a 34D. I knew breasts were in my future, I just didn’t think they’d show up when I turned 22. But like everything else in my lifestyle (my period, my first kiss, my first boyfriend, losing my V-card, etc.)   they arrived far later than they did for everyone else, but they were there.

Another set from the Fall-Winter Chantelle collection
So imagine my complete and utter shock when this woman tape measures me and has me try several bras on and tells me that I’m A THIRTY-TWO DOUBLE D. I was like, “What? No.” You know how people have different hair colors on the inside? For me, I’m always a 34B. Even though I’ve adjusted to the fact that I’m wearing a 34C. But DD? How is this possible? 

“Let me see the tag,” I shrieked inside the changing room. It was a 32DD. True, when you go down in inches, the cup size becomes smaller. But two cup sizes? My cup literally runneth over. And I had noticed my C strapless bras were leaving marks when I took them off. In the end, I ordered a 32D, which fits fine and is so delicate and beautiful. I couldn’t move on up to a DD yet.

Check out some more items from the beautiful Chantelle Autumn-Winter 2012 Collection. An ode to Parisian style, the collection boasts several gorgeous sub-lines. Magnificent Leavers lace combined with highly innovative printed satin jacquard makes up the Paris-Paris line. Key pieces include a corset, waist cincher and half cup bra, all made with the finesse of jewelery artisans. Delicate finery, the Vendôme line subtly combines the exclusive embroidered tulle motif with straps fashioned in an ornamental style. Saddle stitching and a square diamond signature at the centerpiece give the Orsay line a casual, Parisian-style feel. Hues inspired by precious stones complete this treasure trove collection. The “black pearl” palette gives mystery and depth to contemporary lines. Ruby reds enhance the seductive power of the glamorous lines. Amber brings well being by covering the casual pieces in warmer tones. White gold highlighted by flashes of diamond offers a touch of light and poetry to everyday lines.

And tell me, have you been measured for a bra recently? Was it anywhere close to the size you thought you were? Has your bra size gone up since you’ve been an adult? 

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2 Comments New Fall-Winter 2012 Chantelle Collection

  1. Barely there 4677

    First of all, it’s not easy to find a bra that fits well for a 34DD size gal. But a bra that fits well and LOOK GOOD too? Well, here it is ladies.. These bras are perfect. It’s pretty and comfortable and the straps fall on the perfect part of your shoulders.

  2. Jessi

    This exact thing happened to me a month and a half ago! I’m a proud member of the tiny ta-ta club… maybe even the prez. For years, I wore a 34AA. I just always figured my itty bitties needed the AA. Then in early August, when I’m hunting for a strapless number for my wedding, imagine my surprise when the fitting room gal tells me I’m a 32B… maybe even a C! Wha-WHAT?! I was ecstatic. E ended up getting the B, not quite ready for the C. And wouldn’t you know it, the 32B fits me SO much better than the 34AAs ever did. I feel like a new woman, ha!
    xoxo J


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