Remember the campiness that is this scene?

I say it every time I hang up my dry cleaning in my closet.

Anywho, I went wireless with my Internet with a lot less intrepidation than I did my bras, initially. When I heard about Spanx Bra-lellujah! Wireless Front Closure Bra ($62), I thought, that sounds lovely. For gals with A-cups. I’m toting some Cs and the girls need wire. Spanx, I stand corrected. When I wear this bra, there is no difference from the standard Bra-lellujah other than with respect to the comfort my ribcage feels. There’s no lack of support at ALL AND the garment maintains its guerilla war on backfat. LOVE. Well done, Sara Blakley!

5 Comments NO. WIRE. HANGERS.

  1. Anonymous

    I wear this bra with Slimpressions’ “Have Nots” and love the combo. The wireless bra is comfy. So is this new line of premium shapewear to slim a woman’s top half (muffin top, back fat, and my least favorite – arm flab!) I got my first Slimpressions at Intimacy in New York but I has free shipping on them. I just ordered “The Haves” there. I highly recommend them both.

  2. Amber

    ButterflyDiary – You’ll LOVE it. I’m so glad you like the makeover!

    Daneen – That JC was the worst mom in hist… but she did have the ultimate revenge 🙂


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