New From Michael Todd Organics: KNU Anti-aging Face Lift

Natural beauty products are having a good year. Many brands are slaying the scene in the words of Kid Fury and Michael Todd Organics is at the top of the list. The range has launched KNU, an Anti-Aging Face Lift.  It’s a favorite of Tori Spelling, Soleil Moon Frye, Jillian Michaels and Lisa Rinna. Here’s why.

The bad news? When we age, shedding dead skins cells and replacing them with new cells slows, clogging pores, dulling the complexion and contributing to wrinkles and dehydration. We need to work harder to slough off dead skin cells and speed cell renewal. The good news? KNU does that in addition to fighting environmental damage and healing to achieve the best natural color, texture and appearance of the skin.  Plus, this high-powered cocktail of ingredients to lift, firm and tighten restoring the skin’s flexibility.

Michael Todd Organics KNU is available here for $150 for a three months’ supply.

Disclosure: This post was produced in association with Michael Todd Organics

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