Interview With Jonathan Adler

Jonathan Adler’s designed a delightful straw in collaboration with Diet Pepsi in celebration of July 4. I serendipitously fell into this opportunity to interview him at his studio last week, after we discussed everything from our mutual love of Valley of the Dolls (and then he pointed out the above VotD-inspired “Sparkle!” pouch, which will have a home in my home immed) and pills, after I taught him how to do “thin arm” in pictures and he told me that if he were straight, he’d NEVER be attracted to Angelina Jolie (she’s too thin). I also asked him which room from a movie set has MOST inspired his aesthetic. The answer? Auntie Mame‘s ever-changing living room. Obv.

Here, Jonathan discusses the inspiration for his collaboration with the soda colossus.

What do you think of the straws? Cute as a gift for your friend with the beach house, n’est-ce pas? 

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