Brighton Beach Manicure

Pic courtesy of Karen Robinovitz

I mean. I don’t have to SAY anything. I think a blind man can see that I’m so very happy with my latest nail concept I did this weekend at Marie Nails. They match my iPhone cover. They’re allowing my inner Brighton Beach Russian to be my OUTER Brighton Beach Russian and her name is Natalia (also the name of my grandmother) and she is elated.

Let’s discuss how this all went down. Most of the nails are a simple (I say simple, but we can all agree it’s sort of anything but) gold glitter CalGel mixture. It is very fance. But THEN Karen and I decided (she got her nails done with me there and got a self-styled Lanvin print-inspired mani with a green snake going across three of her nails) that I needed accent nails. Two of them. So per her idea, I did one on my right hand with gold crystals glued on. And the left hand, which is my fave, features holographic glitter applied over the standard issue glitter. Only in this scenario could glitter ever be relegated to the standard issue catergory. Anywho, I’ve been running around calling it my Tupac nail and in mixed company (or anyone who values sci-fi) I’ve been referring to it as my “nal,” which is an amalgam of “Al Nail,” as in Al of Quantum Leap.

Al on his mysterious pre-iPhone–or maybe that’s
what they’ll look like SOON? #whoknows

Go to Marie Nails, but make an appointment well in advance–they book up fast. Tell your nail tech about your art vision and how you want it, in the words of Tupac.

Marie Nails is located at 155 Prince Street. Call 646-370-4170.  What do you think of my NAILS?

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3 Comments Brighton Beach Manicure

  1. Monkeyposh

    Crapola- I will be in the area in about 10 days. I doubt I will get in- but I will still try for an appointment. I will def send a pic if I can get an appt. Please have Natalia send me all her good vibes that they will somehow fit me in.

  2. Anonymous

    I am totally going to go to Marie’s in a couple of weeks and get something similar to this. I am making my appt now because it takes 2 weeks to a month to get in, right? BTW- Jen Jen/MonkeyPosh here!


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