Fictionary: Lazor

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Schick Intuition Plus Razor in “Le Love,” a limited-edition handle

Sometimes I’m on my A-game when I’m showering and do ALL of my shower chores–deep condition my hair, wash and use a body scrub, shave everything that needs to be shaved. And sometimes, it’s a shower cap night, I’m skipping the scrub and I can barely muster the energy to shave ANYTHING. But it’s kind of a waste of time to be in the shower and not shave from the knee down (at a minimum). But sometimes it’s a lot of work to bust out my Schick Hydro Silk, lather up with my Skintimate and all that jazz. And that’s exactly the reason I stock my shower with my regularly scheduled razor–and a Lazor, for days when I just CAN’T.  Read on…

Schick Intuition Plus Razor in “Playful Pom,” a limited-edition handle

SURPRISE, I use the Lazor more than half the time. And Schick Intuition is the perfect Lazor, because it lathers and shaves in one simple step, shaving time off my shower sesh. It boasts four blades and yet never nicks my skin and it’s totally easy. Style blogger Kelly Framel of The Glamourai even designed the Le Love limited edition handle.

Schick Intuition Plus Razor in “The Break,” a limited-edition handle. 

Each corresponds with a new scent. “The Break” goes with the new Tropical Splash fragrance, my favorite of the bunch.

Score your new Schick Intuition Lazors with glamorous handles for $10 (includes an extra cartridge, SCORE!) at your local drugstore.

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