Official Mascara Correspondent: Femme Couture Monster Lash Mega-Volume Mascara

In the lastest installment from Official Mascara Correspondent Ashleigh, she tries Femme Couture Monster Lash Mega-Volume Mascara, available at Sally Beauty Supply for a not-so-steep 6 bucks. How does she find its lash-lengthening abilities? Read on and find out…

The brush on this mascara appears to be the selling point at first glance. It’s a curved brush with natural fibers, but it almost looks like it’s been squished like a pancake. You have curve, but you also have an almost comb-like feel to the bristles. The brush has a bit of a scoop, so I expected it to deliver a healthy dose of product. While the brush didn’t hold all that much product, it separated nicely, aiding in lift and curl. 

With a second coat, the formula built nicely, stayed pliable and gave a lot of individual lash volume. While the touch-up didn’t do much, it was really ok because the product itself help up nicely.

 I’d say the star here is the formula not the brush! On top of all this, it came off with soap and water. I’d buy this baby.–Ashleigh Ciucci

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