Been Mean To Your Hair? Try V05 Hot Oil

As I mentioned in my previous V05 post, one of my first forays into hair care included heating up Alberto V05 tubes in Dixie cups of hot water in my bathroom pre-shower. It was and IS the perfect split end savior in between haircuts. You know, that pivotal point when you’ve scheduled your cut for two weeks away, but you’re already two weeks overdue? That point. Read on…

At $4 for a pack of two weekly treatments, it’s a wallet-friendly way to infuse thirsty strands with massive hydration to keep it softer and smoother longer. I like to squeeze it into my conditioner to transform it into a treatment when I run out of hair masks. It helps address the damage I’ve done while I’m testing out products and heat tools like a follicularly focused Vitruvian Man.

V05 Hot Oil Treatments are available at drugstores nationwide. Don’t be so mean to your hair, ‘k?

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Alberto V05, but all opinions are my own. 

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