Destination: Procrastination

File under: I want to go to there. Infinity pools of Bali. I love every word of that sentence, even “of”
[The Luxury Spot]

More proof that The Secret works! NOW YOU CAN SHOWER LYING DOWN. Thrills!

Oscar de la Renta is releasing a NAIL POLISH COLLECTION

Shakira was attacked by a SEA LION?
[Betty Confidential]

Check out the Doo.ri for Macy’s collection

Fourteen celebs who resemble the Westminster Kennel Club dogs. Obv
[The Frisky]

Another advocate of oil cleansing
[Already Pretty]

Pretty pleats under $20!
[College Candy]

Real beauty brings you Fashion Week’s beauty trends
[Real Beauty]

Bring it: 8 fatty snacks that can slim you down
[You Beauty]

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