Get The Look: Lela Rose Fall 2012 Collection Hairstyle

Credit: Bellasugar

Go make an appointment with a NOTARY because this modern take on the Gibson Girl hairstyle sashaying down the Lela Rose runway created by my mane man himself, Ted Gibson is officially The Business. Read on for the how-to.

Says Ted, “Lela was influenced by this architect who designed bridges, Santiago Calatrava. As the bridges were very structured, we went for that same inspiration with the hair. It couldn’t be down, it needed to be up and with a defined shape.” SoTed went with a modern take on the classic Gibson Girl. To make it 2012, he did the roll on just one side, almost ’40s-esque.

To get the look, he dropped down the front, then twisted it up in the back. He then just pulled it to the side, put in an elastic at the end and then twisted it in and bobby pinned the entire shape. “It’s a style any girl can do it herself,” explained Ted. The products used were Build It Blow Drying Spray for the Ted Gibson blow dry, then Beautiful Hold Hairspray to secure it all for the runway.

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