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Though most skin care ranges are categorized according to concern, Stages of Beauty, a new line that launched this January, takes a different approach. Creator Jasmina Aganovic, an MIT-trained Chemical & Biological Engineer (and Fresh and Living Proof alum) saw that few brands actually catered to all of our skin’s anti-aging needs throughout life. You can count on biological changes to occur, but most skincare brands fail to consider age in their formulations. And our skin may not be getting the vital nutrients it needs as we progress through life.  Enter Stages of Beauty, which has figured out exactly what our skin needs in our 20s (Radiance), 30s (Harmony), 40s (Elegance), 50s (Grace) and beyond. In short? It DELIVERS, like Cliff Clavin of Cheers fame. For the review and how to enter, read on…

Cliff’s on the left.

In each system is a “core” of must-haves for every age which include moisturization and cutting-edge delivery technology to ensure the ingredients get to where they need to be. Each system is composed of three products: a cleanser, scrub and treatment cream.

  • Radiance in your 20s provides environmental protection
  • Harmony in your 30s  provides deep hydration and helps deal with beginning fine lines and wrinkles
  • Elegance in your 40s the skin begins to thin and become dryer, leading to a loss of elasticity. There is also an increase in sensitivity, as demonstrated by more freckles, sun spots and spider veins
  • Grace in your 50s and beyond provides overall hydration and calming properties to help skin regain its elasticity, tone and firmness, in addition to anti-aging benefits
I’ve tested the Harmony line and found it doesn’t clog my pores, boasts an elegant texture, isn’t too fragranced, and keeps my skin hydrated all day, even in crisp weather. My favorite thing to do is say the word “Harmony” the way Anna Faris‘ character does in The House Bunny. Behold (at 1:15):

Stages of Beauty has agreed to sponsor a giveaway for one BBJ winner to win a set of products appropriate for her age! To enter just leave a comment telling me what you’d like to see more of on BBJ. The giveaway ends at midnight Friday, November 4 ET.

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Good luck, gals!

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  1. Anonymous

    I would love more blogging about affordable skin care. Thanks for the giveaway. Love your blog.

  2. Pam

    I really like “Beauty Blogging Junkie” as is…it’s not like so many others and the difference is refreshing.
    If I had to, I guess I would say maybe some swatches once in a while.

  3. dgirardbosi

    New to your site; very interesting. I’d love to read about beauty reginments of the average European woman – all ages, across the board. That seems to be an area that isn’t explored heavily in the US.

  4. Cindy

    Like Beauty Blogging Junkie on Facebook!

    Following @Glambr..

    Tweeted! @bobisyellow..

    Follow Stages of Beauty on Facebook!

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  5. slgkag

    I’m really into skincare right now, so introducing us to new skincare brands is great, would love to see more!

    I follow both you and Stages of Beauty on Twitter: @slgkag

    I RT’d your tweet: @slgkag



  6. mamavalveeta03

    It’s tough to think of anything more or new that I would like to see. Your blog is one of my top 5, so I always go to it right away to see what’s up. Mmmm….more new product pics???
    valhoff 3 at yahoo dot com

  7. Cindy

    I honestly can’t think of anything more… You’re blog is fabulous! 🙂 Love all the good beauty info!



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