Fictionary: Fattitude

Fictionary is a column showcasing beauty-related words that don’t exist, but should.

 This weekend while Dina and I were chowing down at the glossy new IHOP in NYC’s Union Square (DON’T JUDGE), I marveled at my Fattitude.
Fattitude is, of course, your fat approach to ordering brunch, usually when hungover. It’s not intended simply for mass quantities of food–for me, that just means it’s, you know, TUESDAY. No no, fatittude is a special level of disgustor combinations of food–for instance, getting one of those fat farmer breakfasts that include pancakes, eggs, bacon and homefries–and then ordering a side of chocolate chip pancakes to bring sweet into the mix.

Now, in 2011, I am committed to “Fergie levels of Fitness,” in the words of Dina. And not that I condone eating carbs in such bulk (as for me, it tends to ADD bulk), but every once in a while, I fall off the wagon and when I do, I fold a little extra cardio into my sched. Upping my workouts from 3 to 4 or 5 sessions per week means that I need to stock up on cute gym clothes though (makes the experience far more tolerable) and for that I turn to Athleta. Coincidentally, they are currently offering a foursquare special to in-store patrons to celebrate the opening of the brand’s first New York City stores–on the Upper East Side (1517 3rd Avenue) and Upper West Side (216 Columbus Avenue). Friend Athleta on foursquare and to check in when visiting either store location. Not only are store mayors rewarded with a free class to Dasha Libin’s Kettlebell Kickboxing at Anderson’s Martial Arts Academy, but Athleta’s foursquare friends are all privy to a bevy of exclusive and  fun tips on healthy living, including expertise from some of the best New York-based trainers, editors and bloggers.

Mayorship specials will rotate monthly, and will include free classes at some of Athleta’s favorite neighborhood studios and gyms. Friend Athleta here.

Enjoy! And tell me: How have you displayed your Fattitude of late?

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