Travel Laundry Essentials

I think I’ve mentioned that I’ve recently had a travel schedule that would make Carmen San Diego weary with jetlag and exhaustion. In the last week, I’ll have been in Fort Lauderdale, New York, Rhode Island, Long Island’s North Fork and TAHITI. In order to make my deadlines, be a good friend (the North Fork trip was for my good friend Nicola’s bachelorette bash) not get mono and generally not turn into an asshole, I had to find a way to make my clothes-cleaning process and general efficiency run like a well-oiled machine, nearly on the level of Pee-Wee Herman’s famous morning automated set-up. Have you seen a better multitasker? Check it:

When living out of a suitcase, there’s a) nowhere to DO laundry and b) no time. So my savoir the past week has been the Tocca’s Delicato da Viaggio (Laundry Delicate Washes). At $22, it’s not quite a bargain, but for four 2 fl.oz beautiful containers of laundry solution in a variety of GORGEOUS scents Tocca is known for, all housed in a beautiful pink patterned rice paper bag, it’s worth it.The fragrances include the gardenia and pomegranate-infused Touch, the grapefruit and cucumber-tinged Cleopatra, the blood orange Stella (my fave) and the iris root and rose Florence. I’ve been using it nonstop to wash lingerie, my sweaty Core Fusion gear, even T-shirts, socks and pajamas in a flash.

Also absolutely vital for travel is the My Little Steamer, a genius little device that makes dry cleaning nearly obscelete AND makes bringing linen on a vaca a breeze. This compact, portable steamer uses regular tap water and produces steam to remove wacked-out wrinkles in minutes. It’s $22 on

Keep both on you at home or on the go, and you’ll feel as fancy and in control of your ever-growing pile of laund as if you had your own laundress. Almost.

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