Hanky Panky’s DIY Panties

To commemorate the 25th anniversary of its Original Lace ThongHanky Panky is offering a Do-It-Yourself Kit with ribbons, bows and flowers to sew onto white lace panties. Are you a diligent DIY diva? The company is also launching its “Make The Original Your Original” competition, where you download a thong template and create your own design. The worthiest panty-maker receives a $1,000 cash prize and a Hanky Panky Limited Edition 25-Thong Box. Panty personalization of the nation!

The ultimate DIYer, Pretty In Pink’s Andie Walsh

I was kind of deva because I’m going to be away next week on a biz trip during Hanky Panky‘s DIY Panty party–but because I have friends in high places, the Panty Palace’s resident Glam Guru J.D. hooked a gal up with her OWN kit to make her OWN damn underpants–and said gal is psyched. I’m into the brightly colored lace detailing myself and plan to stitch it on my new thong with my small sewing kit tout de suite. In the words of Pretty In Pink’s Duckie, paired with my fave Calypso for Target corset bra, it’ll make for a “really volcanic ensemble… really marvelous!” 

Buy the Hanky Panky Do-It-Yourself Kit in either original or low-rise for $28 on hankypanky.com.

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  1. Kathlyn Garnet

    Wow! I like the idea of being able to come up with my own panty design. I’d visit their site and may buy a kit. I just hope I don’t make a mess out of it seeing that I suck at the whole sewing thing


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