New From Eight Body Moisture: Body Softening Oil

Just as high-fat/low carb vs. low fat/high carb diets cycle in and out of fashion, beauty does the same. What they have in common? OIL. In the 50s and 60s, oils were all the rage. Parenthetically, can you buh-lieve the food pyramid will soon be a thing of the past? Marilyn Monroe was reported to be a fan of Shu Uemura’s Cleansing Oils, in particular. Perhaps corresponding to the popularity of fat-free diets that gained momentum in the 90s, skin care became all about oil-free formulas. It’s comparable to the sulfate-free surge sweeping the hair care industry today. For the record, I’m anti-sulfate. But when it comes to the skin on my bod? I’ve never been a body oil fan. Until now. Enter Eight Body Moisture Body Softening Oil. Read on… 

But first–a little history. I’d been really snotty/anti-oils for the bod mostly because for the LONGEST, I ACTUALLY did not have the ten minutes you need to spend in the nude after applying, waiting for it to dry. Seriously. I didn’t. My life used to be scheduled in 20-minute increments, you see. Between working full time, writing this blog on the side and freelancing, I had to cut time out wherever I could and extending my shower time just wasn’t happening. I only recently had an intervention with my gal Julia who, in the words of Eileen, told me about myself from a body oil perspective–and I’m so glad she did. In short, the convo was this: Make the time for body oils, they’re fabulous. So I did, and this one is especially. It gives my skin a wanton glossy glow you plum can’t cull from a cream. 

Eight Body Moisture Body Softening Oil in Ginger Lime retails for $22 at  

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  1. Angela

    Just received my order from Eight Body Moisture, based on your recommendation. Can’t wait to try it. And they were nice enough to include a travel sized (which is huge, actually) lotion with it. What great service!


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