Glambien: Dream Water

I was raised in a no-sugar household, where homeopathic remedies were dispensed for all ailments and nothing even as strong as coffee could be found in our cabinets. Carol doesn’t even eat red meat. Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal was relegated to dessert-time. My brother Ethan and I still get freaked out when we see people eating Lucky Charms at breakfast. “That’s a DESSERT cereal,” we’ll always call each other and report, both of us in our thirties and old enough to eat whatever we damn please for breakfast.

So it’s not surprising that I still will defer to pills only under the most dire of circumstances. Aleve when I have a splitting headache and melatonin for insomnia. I’m afraid to take Ambien (remember people were eating RAW BACON IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT uncontrollably?) unless it’s for a 10+ hour flight (i.e., I’ll be taking it to Tahiti), but I’ve been living for this all-natural alternative called Dream Water. Glambien! A pack of 6 will set you back $18 and I find only half of one will plum tucker me out for the night. They come in delish flavors like snoozeberry (The snoozeberries taste like snoozeberries!) and don’t make me feel as if I got punched in the face the next morning.

Which is really all anyone can ask.

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  1. Jenn

    I hate sleeping pills so this is a great tip – thanks!

    P.S. I was raised the same way – sleepovers were the only chance I had to have Kraft Mac N Cheese, Lucky Charms or (gasp!) soda! We were the only (crazy) family eating organic and local in the 80s, a result of my parents being Jewish (read: neurotic) hippies.


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