Sweet Valley Confidential

Full disclosure: I’m a GIGUNDA Sweet Valley High fan.

I’ve read every. single. one. Including the crazy-long saga that explores Jessica and Elizabeth’s ancestry (including a set of twins generations back named Jessamyn and Elisabeth–please tell me someone else read that one). Including the one where deaf Regina Morrow tragically DIED the first time she tried cocaine at a party she attended with Bruce Patman. Do you guys know that I’ve never done coke and refuse to–because of this highly-influential-in-my-lifestyle tale? I was teen CONVINCED I’d die on the spot if I ever got involved, thanks to SVH creator Francine Pascal.

Well, I’d discussed my Sweet Valley love with my friend Lilit Marcus, Editor-in-chief over at Crushable. And because she is so freaking fabulous, she invited me to be her PLUS ONE AT THE BOOK PARTY. At Sweet Valley High publisher Dan Weiss‘ brownstone in the West Village. WITH FRANCINE PASCAL. I MET FRANCINE PASCAL. I KNOW. I know. Obviously I told her and thanked her about causing me to not fall prey to the peer who pressures in a most afterschool spesh manner. We toasted to Jessica and Elizabeth with themed sweet and sour drinks. I met the girl behind the HILARIOUS fictitious Twitter accounts for some of the series’ characters. And–in a word? It was everything.

My Francine Pascal-signed copy.

Thanks to Lilit for inviting me to the shindig, where I realized a major childhood dream. If you appreciate the Sweet Valley dwelling, blonde haired, aquamarine eyed, left-dimpled, Fiat-sharing twins, you will absolutely love the latest installment, which takes place ten years after we’ve left them. And they’re NOT in touch for a very important reason.

Sweet Valley Confidential is on sale now for $22 on amazon.com.

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4 Comments Sweet Valley Confidential

  1. Kara

    I read that Saga! I absolutely LOVED that one. I re-read that book like 5 times, and searched all over the place for other Sagas to read. 🙂

    Thanks for the info! I’m off to search for my own copy!

    ~long-time-lurker, first time poster!

  2. Jen

    I read the one with Jessamyn and Elizabeth! I liked that better than most of the regular series books, but I’m also a sucker for historical fiction. Do you remember the series of YA historical fiction romance novels, where each one was a girl’s name? The only one I remembered was about a turn of the century girl named Emily…oh, how I wanted to be Victorian!

  3. Lauren

    Thats so fun!

    I went to her signing at Barnes and Noble last week and probably looked like an idiot because I totally started gushing to her about how great her books were and how my sister and I used to reenact our favorite Sweet Valley Twin stories.

    Totally one of the best moments of my life.


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