Elizabeth Taylor Was Late To Her Own Funeral

You know, I’ve always APPRECIATED Elizabeth Taylor. She was, truly, the last movie star. She was satisfyingly unaccessible, making her refreshingly Old Hollywood, instead of the new regime, in which they’re just like Us. But truth be told–she wasn’t my FAVORITE. I love retro glamour more than anything–but my heart has always belonged to Grace Kelly (obv–she was the only one who got to be A PRINCESS on top of everything else. Not bad for a Philadelphia girl), Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. That was my triumvirate of fabulosity.

Until I read that Elizabeth Taylor intentionally insisted that her memorial service start 15 minutes late–just so that she could be late to her own funeral. She’s now inducted into the trio of faves, which is, of course, now a quartet.

It’s just so fucking genius.

To Liz.

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