Off-topic: Remember The Old HBO Intro?

Remember the ’80s intro to HBO movies? Refresh your memory below.

I find it so comforting. Remember how EXCITING it was to catch a movie when it was starting? Before on-screen guides, you plum had to GUESS what you were watching. And it was likely one of two things on HBO–Just One of the Guys or Loverboy. I have a theory that every single person on earth who grew up in the ’80s has seen both of those flicks.

Anyway, for me, that old intro summons memories of watching PG-13 and R-rated movies with my best friend at the time, Rachel Schwartz, where she and I watched them on her cable TV in her bedroom. I most certainly did NOT have a TV in my room (Carol was anti, and sort of still is), let alone one with cable. I was so not allowed to watch movies like Dirty Dancing, Basic Instinct or, well, Loverboy. I also remember catching some crazily spicy flick called Blown Away with Corey Haim (RIP) and Charles In Charge‘s Nicole Eggert which threw us off because of its wholesome casting. Anywho. One friend reminisced about how it reminded her of Saturday nights with her grandma. My gal Kristen was reminded of watching Fraggle Rock with her dad on weekends.

What does the HBO intro remind you of? Tell!

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2 Comments Off-topic: Remember The Old HBO Intro?

  1. Carrie

    I TOTALLY remember the old, dramatic HBO into because my VHS copies of Dirty Dancing, Just One of the Guys, Loverboy and countless other 80s gems were taped on my grandmother’s (silver panasonic) VCR off of HBO because we didn’t have cable. My parents got cable one week after I moved out to go to college. I will never forgive them.


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