Vernal Equinox Ready Skin

Core Fusion‘s fantastic, but one unforseen issue is that I notice how copy-paper white I am on a regular basis in the mirrors at Exhale Spa while I’m pretzeling, squatting, pulsing! I usually take a break from my aggressive twice-weekly self-tanning treatments in the winter, but as the weather gets warmer and I expose more skin, I just feel better if said skin is a bit more golden. I’ve tested out tons and tons of scrub/lotion/tanner combos, but my latest is pretty phenom. It’s simple. Ready?

First I do the dew with Love & Toast Dew Blossom Sugar Scrub, a total barg at only $11. This gritty mixture eradicates dead skin cells from my lifestyle and leaves my limbs smelling softly of fresh florals and fig. A total and utter delight. And? The packaging kicks up my entire shower’s glam factor by 74%. I measured.

Then, when I emerge from the shower, I apply a little of the Love & Toast Honey Nectar Body Butter ($6!) on my elbows, knees and heels before applying Lancome Flash Bronzer Tinted Self-Tanning Leg Gel ($34.50) all over my arms, legs, chest, backs of my hands and tops of my feet. I realize it’s supposed to just be for legs, but if I were the type to follow directions, I probably wouldn’t have done everything I could to launch a freelance career. I can’t be constrained, lovies. This stuff goes on tinted, so you can see your handiwork, doesn’t streak or smell and yields a BELIEVABLE caramel glow that’ll last you at least a few days. I’ve long been a fan of the Lancome spray Flash Bronzer, but I’ve officially switched to the gel version, a la Jean Godfrey June’s many years of praising. I’m a convert. Get involved.

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