Mattification of the Nation: How to Create Faux-bangs With A Winter Hat

I’ve spent pretty much my whole lifestyle staunchly avoiding hats for the very purpose of salvaging my hairstyle, much to the horror of Carol, who’s convinced I’d get far fewer colds if I weren’t so vain. So imagine my delight when Sally Hershberger Downtown‘s Matt Fugate, my stylist, made a house call yesterday (that in and of itself is the stuff of dreams) and shared a tip about using your winter hat at a hairstyling apparatus. In Matt’s words, here’s what you need to do achieve faux-bangs all winter long.

Find the length at the top of your hair that works for your bang, then you want to backcomb your hair a bunch so that it stays together, so you can control it more. Also, when you backcomb your hair, it makes the ends more wispy, so it looks more like a genuine fringe. If your layers are long, you can sort of pile your hair on top of your hair and twist it under the hat so that it fits. 

Genius! Don’t miss the rest of the Mattification of the Nation series.

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