Win an Exclusive FLIRT! Teen Choice Awards Gifting Suite Package: Deadline 8/10

Girls, this week, I’ve partnered with FLIRT! to give one of you the opportunity to win an exclusive package of FLIRT! items from the Teen Choice Awards gifting suite. Info on how to enter is at the end of the post.

Many fun celebs are confirmed to attend including the Kardashian sisters, Katy Perry, and favorite cast members from Twilight and Glee, among many others. Here’s what you’ll win in your “red carpet ready” package. It includes

  • FLIRT! It Curl Mascara A super curling mascara the gives lashes the boost, sexy volume and curl they crave.
  • FLIRT! Rock-n-Rebel Fragrance Turn up the volume with this rockin’ new fragrance which features luscious blackberry, apple nectar and pink grapefruit. 


  • FLIRT! Glamourazzi Lip Lacquer Glam it up with this ultra-lasting, high-shine lip lacquer that glides on brilliantly. Celebs will take home favorite shades Va-Va-Va Voom (shown above) and Red Hottie.
The Teen Choice Awards airs Monday, August 9 on FOX and FLIRT!’s twitter personality, the FLIRT! It Girl will be backstage tweeting live on all of the action on Saturday, August 7 and Sunday, August 8 as well as during the show on the August 9.

There are two ways to enter.
1. Follow me on Twitter (@Glambr) and RT the following: Follow @glambr and RT to win an exclusive Teen Choice Awards Gifting Suite Package from @FLIRTITGirl


2. Comment below and tell me what your inner (or outer, if you’re under 20) teen likes to do. For instance, mine likes to read Seventeen and Teen Vogue on plane rides and talk about proms. A strange amount.

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75 Comments Win an Exclusive FLIRT! Teen Choice Awards Gifting Suite Package: Deadline 8/10

  1. Anonymous

    My inner teen loves to watch MTV teen shows that make me laugh so hard wondering why life is what it is! 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    My inner teen likes to think that an outer teen still exists. Plus, daydreaming is always what my inner teen does best.
    yom_gurl at yahoo dot com

  3. Heather

    My inner teen also loves reading Seventeen (I have the latest issue sitting here next to me!), and curling my hair on nights when I have no work to do!

    heather90c at gmail dot com

  4. Karen

    My inner teen still likes to read the magazines my niece gets in the mail like Seventeen. I wonder if I will ever stop liking them.

    ramirezkar2 at aol dot com

  5. rae

    My inner teen loves to have all my friends pour all our makeup into a big pile, and then give everyone makeovers. Its also really fun to do with our clothes 🙂

  6. karyn

    My inner teen loves to have stay-overs with my best buddies that includes cooking up a great meal, watching some great movie (doesnt always have to be a chick flick) . taking alot of photographs like as if we were models..and doin some crazy stuff like painting our nails in funky colors and doing a make over for each other and also discussing about our teen years and the insane things that we did and still do!! (psst we are 22 now!)

  7. Molly

    My Inner teen loves to read the young adult books in the library, full of highschool stories and the such!
    I also love reading teen vogue and stealing the style ideals meant for 17 year olds!!!

  8. Shelby

    My outer teen likes to worry about college, paint her nails every other day and plot new hair colors every time she sees another girl at school with her same dye job (Grrrr).

  9. melanie

    My inner teen may or may not love rockin’ out with my one of a kind air guitar while double handing spoonfuls of strawberry ice cream into my mouth. Maybe..

  10. Ari Enigma

    My outer teen loves talking about boys with my friends and looking at the new Seventeen and Cosmogirl magazine and the back issues too. Playing with makeup and giving makeovers. Watching cartoons and shows like Glee and Teen Mom. But what my outer teen really loves is being out the house hanging out with riends and having a good time.

  11. Anonymous

    my outer teen enjoys spending all my money on beauty products I really don’t need, pretending I’m scared during horror movies so I can hold my boyfriend’s hand, and gossiping for hours on end with my close girl friends about pointless things.

  12. Natalie

    My outer teen loves giggling about cute guys with my friends, buying bikini separates and wearing them mismatched, and busting random dance moves.

  13. swaybay

    I’m 19 and a college student fresh out of high school and so my “outer” teen loves to flip through my old yearbooks and laugh at all the generally foolish memories, I love to read teen vogue, paint my nails garish colors, and sing into my hairbrush.

  14. Jennifer

    My inner teen loves to dress up in my high school dance gowns and watch award shows. As a college student, I don’t get to dress up often, so I love to take these award shows as an excuse to be fabulous!

  15. Sarah T

    My inner teen *still* loves reading Seventeen Magazine and staying home on a Saturday night with a homemade face mask on watching chick flicks with friends and gorging myself on junk food!

  16. Molly

    My inner teen loves pigging out on chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream and surfing the net for beauty/fashion advice.

  17. Logan Hall/

    I’m turning 20 in a couple of months, so I am going to say that my inner teen still LOVES to talk in “jibberish”… the made up language 14 year olds use to pretend they are being clever around their parents! :]

  18. Kimberly W

    My inner teen loves to look up new prom dresses for the up-coming year… I just can’t help myself. Then I go into bridal shops and look at all their new stock. It’s like re-living graduation all over again! =)

  19. Dokemion

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  20. Anonymous

    My inner teen likes gossiping about teenyboppers and reading trashy fashion magazines. 🙂

    email: underyourwaves at gmail dot com

  21. Amanda

    My inner teen likes to listen to all the pop music I loved in the 90’s…Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, & Nsync! They always make me feel young at heart!

  22. Leah

    Paint my toenails on the floor of my bedroom while precariously resting the polish bottle on my caboodle in hopes my phone doesn’t suddenly ring and I knock the polish all over the carpet…

    This would all ideally occur while watching MTV, you know, when they used to play music videos.

  23. Stargazer

    Thank you for the contest!
    My inner teen likes to watch One Tree Hill and So You Think You Can Dance. It also likes to text a whole bunch, instead of talking on the phone … my inner teen likes to tweet from work All The Time 🙂



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