She’ll Have Shellac: Angelo David Salon

I finally tested out the new CND Shellac manicure a couple of weeks ago and let me tell you: It lives up to every last iota of the hype. In fact, it pains me that I experienced it only a week after singing the virtues of competitor OPI Axxium on the Martha Stewart Living show on Sirius because this blows OPI out of the water.

Manicurist Marijanna at Angelo David Salon skillfully and quickly painted my nails with this gel/polish hybrid. I chose Tropix, a delightful peachy coral on which I received compliments daily. Unlike most gel manis, this one started and ended quite traditionally with base/top coat. The Shellac comes in a regular polish bottle, also brushed on like standard-issue polish. But in between coats, I gingerly placed my mitts into a UV situation, and once the final coat was dry, there was no need to sit under the dryers again. The whole process took about 30 minutes and Marijanna’s skill yielded a perfect mani that lasted a full 14 days. Removal takes just ten minutes of soaking, no big whoop.

The CND gel mani will set you back $45 at Angelo David. To make an appointment, call 212.883.6620.
The salon is located at: 48 East 43rd Street in Manhattan.

Have you tried CND? What did you think?

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3 Comments She’ll Have Shellac: Angelo David Salon

  1. All Lacquered Up

    Shellac is the business!! I didn’t do what I do, I would be a Shellac manicure convert. I knew you’d like it more than OPI. Not to knock their product but Shellac is less damaging and that’s important.

  2. Anonymous

    The process you describe sounds pretty much just like my experience getting Axxium. (Which I’ve only done once, but loved.) I was able to eek out almost three weeks with You Don’t Know Jacque before soaking them off. It was still shiney & chip free but my nails had grown out.

    I was thinking about going back for axxium again, but based on your post, I’m wondering if I should try to find someone who does CND out here.

    Any more details would be great! Thank you.


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