Eyeko Rain Polish For City Nails

After viewing my fave mu video, Why Don’t You Love Me, my Twitter followers know I went on a long and unsuccessful odyssey to find a bottle of Chanel Nail Polish in Nouvelle Vague, the same shade Miss Beyonce rocks in the video.

In an uncharacteristically stu not-paying-attention-to-the-seriousness-of-a-limited-edish mo, I never wound up purchasing a bottle of the delightful vintage blue shade and thus missed the boat entirely. I was outbid on eBay for one bottle that wound up going for more than $60 (my limit was $50). As beauty bloggers know, Chanel regret can get very expensive. But I digress.

Serendipitously, this bottle of Eyeko Rain Polish for City Nails ($5.50) arrived on my doorstep days later and while it’s a bit more dusty blue and subtle, it conjures the same vintage Mad Men vibe I’d been looking for. This Brit brand rocks the funk. The polishes are the perfect size (who needs a TON of varnish when you collect shades like china dolls?) and are reasonably priced. And the packaging–can you even? I like that they classify it for you in a nail “phylum” if you will. This one’s for urban gals like myself.

Purchase your own Eyeko Rain Polish here.

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