Destination: Procrastination

Clueless came out 15 years ago yesterday. I saw it in the theater on my first date. I feel older than Methuselah.

Some tips on making thrifted clothes look spendy
[Already Pretty]

What is couture? Ask Christian Dior!
[Fashion Pulse Daily]

Fashion inspired by Aladdin‘s Princess Jasmine!
[College Fashion]

I’ve been saying it for YEARS. Men are over and have been replaced by gelled, groomed, dainty versions of themselves. No thanks

Nicole Ritchie’s effortless style
[College Candy]

5 tweezing tips to try
[Bella Sugar]

Kristin Cavallari rocks the same dress Samantha wore in SATC2
[’s The Cut]

Exclusive video with Taylor Momsen in which she covers her style and beauty routine

Kristen identifies this VS scent as smelling of… doll heads. Come on, you know that smell
[Beauty Addict]

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