Citrus-Infused Body Products

Now that spring has arrived, the last thing you want is a heavy, perfumey body wash. Lighten up with our fresh, sultry citrus-scented body beauty product picks. With ingredients like mandarin, lemon, bergamot and orange, you’ll love these items’ veritable fruit salad of zingy fragrances. Here, a few of my favorites:

  • Suave Mango Mandarin Body Wash

    Suave Naturals Mango Mandarin Refreshing Body Wash If lather lights your fire, then look no further. This fruity scented shower gel cleanses skin while imparting a light mango-mandarin scent while moisturizing it to a healthy glow. And the price? Very nice.

Price: $3.49
Where to Buy:

  • The Body Shop Sweet Lemon Body Scrub

    Body Shop Sweet Lemon Body Scrub I can think of few things more invigorating than a brisk body scrub with a great, gritty texture. Oh wait, a brisk lemon body scrub. This one polishes skin to a gleaming finish and contains lemon seed oil for hydration.

Price: $20
Where to Buy:

  • Fresh Citron de Vigne Body Wash and Body Lotion

    Fresh Citron de Vigne Body Wash and Lotion Long time fans of the Fresh Citron de Vigne Eau de Parfum will delight in the new arrival of the brand’s corresponding bath and shower gel and body lotion. The sparkling scent evokes champagne with a bubbling citrus infusion.

Price: $19
Where to Buy:

  • Thymes Ambersweet Orange

    Thymes Ambersweet Orange Bath Salts Envelope
    This sweetly-scented packet of bath salts is tempered by a spicier, rich amber undertone. I like to sprinkle it in my bath, but even more than that, I love keeping it as a sachet in my lingerie drawer.

Price: $5
Where to Buy:

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2 Comments Citrus-Infused Body Products

  1. Perfectionist in Rehab

    Mmmmmmm… they all sound delish! I want to try the Suave one.

    I also really really like Bliss’s Lemon & Sage body wash and Whish Body’s lemongrass shower gel.



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