Finest Hour Week: Glampon Cases

The situation: It’s prom night and your monthly visitor has invited itself as your most unwelcome guest (and sans corsage). In the words of Stephanie Tanner, how rude! You now have some unsexy cargo to tote to prom in your mini clutch. How can you carry your Glampax in style? Read more….

The solution: Uncommon Goods’ sassy metal tampon cases ($30) adorned with your choice of the mysterious miss, the swingin’est secret agent or the magnificent mermaid. Aunt flo is a total drag but at least you can bring the necessary supplies most discretely and (most importantly) in the most glam manner possible.

By the by, these cases are also fabulous for keeping at work for long walks to the bathroom in mixed company-ridden work environments.

Uncommon Goods’ Metal Tampon Cases are available at

Decide which sassy gal best channels your very individual style, then fill with some Glampax and be on you way.

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