Beauty Sprinkles: Fage Against The Machine

Beauty Sprinkles is a natural mask that deposits a potent dose of vitamins and antioxidants to your skin, reviving luminosity and refreshing tired sallowness. There’s just so much I’m into about this product. First of all, it comes with its own MERMAID mascot. I love a merm, have we discussed? My inner water nymph (who has SUPER long hair, if you must know) is so into it.

Also? It gives me something to do with my Fage yogurt, since my new fave facialist, Stalina at Haven Salon in SoHo, has me off dairy until my current acne situation calms down. I HIGHLY recommend Stalina, by the way. She eliminated my face of every single bit of bacteria and gunk and put me on a strict regimen which I’m following to the letter. I’m going to see her weekly for maintenance until my skin returns to normal.

Anyway, regarding the Fage, you simply stir the beauty sprinkles into a tablespoon of the yogurt on the shell dish it comes with. The scent is culinarily divine: Don’t be alarmed when you feel as if you’re smearing a breakfast on your face. Then, you allow it to dry, then wipe it off with a warm towel and reveal glowing, smooth skin.

Beauty Sprinkles Vitamin Cocktail Mask retails for $48 for a set of 8 packets.

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